Thoughts on PDF's / topics

As I go through these 4+ lessons, I am finding these pdfs really, really good. Even better than the earlier ones. Hat’s off to the content creators. I have especially enjoyed XiaoHong Shu Has Everything, Rental Conditions, Try the Modern Tea shop among others. Up to date topics, useful vocab, nice graphics.

I’ve also done a few of the “Speaking with the Natives” classes on topics that I have enough vocabulary on, and those are excellent.

One thing I was thinking is that if we look at HSK Standard course, there are twice as many lessons for HSK 4 as HSK 3, same with HSK 5. Because there’s so much more vocabulary. Would be so great if there were more 4, 4+, 5, 5+ lessons. If you look at ChinesePod as an example, there are lessons on everything under the sun, so it would not be hard to come up with the topics. Lessons could be rolled out here and there as “New lessons” rather than waiting for a whole block of 50.

The only downside for the school would be that obviously more lessons means less chance there would be two or more students in a lesson.

Another thought is that some of the PDF’s are simply toooo loooong. There is no possible way to get through “Chinese Festival Traditions” in one class, it’s 23 pages with dense amounts of vocab about 5 holidays. That lesson could easily be 5 separate lessons, each of those holidays deserves a lesson. “Thoughts before returning to your home county” is another brilliant, but too long lesson, could be a part 1 and part 2 or something.

Anyway, I’m loving the lessons, just some thoughts. What do other students think?


I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the lessons! Your insights are really helpful, and it’s great to hear your point of view. We would love to hear more about what you think would be beneficial for students. Would you prefer to have different classes on the same topic at the same level? For example, having five classes with the topic “holiday” in a level. If we structure this way, there will be more vocabulary, however, grammar points might be repeated.

Or Would you prefer to study as many different topics as possible at one level so that you have different vocabulary to use in different situations?

It would be great to hear what other students think as well.

Here’s an idea. 50 lessons are the “Core” lessons to complete each level. You could add more lessons, as they are developed, These classes could be “extra / bonus / elective” classes not needed to complete a level, but there for those students who want extra classes on more topics.


Thank you for the explanation. @Holly-Le will note on this

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I’m loving these ideas. Thank you @Feng2.Zhe2-HSK_4_plus . It sure feels very encouraging to hear about your enthusiasm. I do think that for some higher levels, 50 topics are not enough to cover all the nuances of language. We will sure consider this one. 谢谢

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Thanks for the awesome feedback! We’re thrilled to hear your thoughts and appreciate you sharing the issues students are facing.

The main challenge we’re tackling is the number of students in Flexi Classes, but we’re determined to make improvements! While it’s fantastic to have one-on-one classes in a group setting, we’re working towards finding a sustainable balance. We believe that a group class with 2 to 3 students creates a more social and engaging experience. Currently, we offer a whopping 192 Mandarin group classes per day across 9 levels, and a staggering total of approximately 40,000 group classes per month across all languages! However, we’re on a mission to increase the number of students studying together, and your support can help us achieve that goal. Spread the word by using the Refer a Friend option or mentioning us on social media - it would mean the world to us!

While we’re building momentum, why not explore our “Free Speaking” lessons? These lessons are designed to be dynamic, with each session diving into different topics, keeping you connected to real-life concerns. Plus, you can take them multiple times, with different discussions and companions each time.

Your opinions matter, so let’s keep the conversation going. We can’t wait to hear what you and other students think about the potential of class topics and the dynamic classroom atmosphere.

I completely understand, makes sense. I still have all the Hsk 5, 5+ and 6 anyway, so plenty to do!