The Chinese Discount System 😱

As Singles’ Day is next week I thought I would share a bit about the Chinese Discount System.

This was very confusing for me when I first came to China, so hopefully if you are confused too this will help a little.

THE most important thing to know: Chinese discounts work the other way around!

In stores you will see discounts displayed as 9折,8折,6折 etc.

At first I thought “9折… 90% off?! Nice!!” but I was very WRONG.

:point_right: 9折 is actually a 10% discount!

9折 means you will pay 90 percent of the original price, meaning you get a 10% discount.
Same goes with the rest, 4折 means you pay 40% of the original price, so you get a 60% discount, etc.

Here are some images I created for Instagram (going live next week!) but you can save them now for future reference:

To know more about Singles’ Day in China:

I hope this was helpful! Let me know what you think :blush:


This mega confused me when I got to Taiwan. I remember trying to buy a phone case in my first week and not understanding why it wasn’t 90% off :smile_cat:

Equally, yesterday I was in a mall and saw some super discount items with 1折 and it didn’t compute in my head. It takes some time to get used to!!


Yes same for me. And now sometimes the other round way when I go home to Europe.

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