Thank you for your work!

I have only had a few classes on this platform, but I am pretty much amazed by how things are organised here and the quality of the teaching.

Being a western, it is more difficult for me to get the hang of Asian language but being able to see the materials before class combined with a really good teaching makes my learning more doable. I am a teacher myself and use the Flipped classroom approach to teach my native language as well so it is also no wonder that I like this system so much.

Besides, if you’re a visual learner like me, having pictures and organised info like the one found in your PDFs is making me absorb the info better than with boring black and white textbooks, so that’s also a plus. I thank the team for the good job you’re doing

I am really looking forward to all of my lessons with you!



Thank you so much for this great feedback. I will be sharing this with our team. You made my weekend there :cowboy_hat_face:
If you have any friends who want to study Japanese online too, you and them can get five free credits via the referral page by the way.

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