Teacher's remarks in the annotated pdf

In the annotated pdf I don’ t see the remarks the teacher wrote down during the lesson.

Sorry, now I found the remarks


Now worries and thanks for asking on here. We really want students to feel comfortable to ask for support in here, so thanks for doing so.

Great that you found them. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

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There was a thread somewhere asking what makes annotations useful. Just a couple of suggestions:

As a beginner, the most helpful annotations are in both pinyin and hanzi. In a couple of classes, the teachers gave lots of great examples for how to use new vocab but typed them on the handouts only in hanzi which is is not hugely helpful for me yet. (But I can imagine that for more advanced students hanzi on its own is more helpful.)

Also it is easier if the tones are shown with accents above the word, rather than a number after the word e.g. wo3.

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