Teacher no show communication


Unfortunately my teacher has not shown up to my class and I know that this can happen and the flexi team always deal with it well but it seems to be happening more regularly.

Can I suggest some sort of flagging system or improved communication for a teacher no show? Even if it is last minute, some sort of notification that says the teacher cannot make the class etc. I know there’s the suggestion of being able to message the teacher as well but the teachers may not be comfortable with that but I think there needs to be better communication for students who have planned their days around these classes.


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You are right!
I sometimes as well have the problem and it is very strange!
I would like the support group, to look if there are teachers doing that often, and to discuss the problem with them, or block them!

These things happen and it’s usually not within the teacher’s control so I wouldn’t want to punish them but there should be a way of flag-posting instead of waiting in the class

Thanks for posting. If a teacher cancels a class even on short notice the students are informed via email. So that communication system exists.
If a teacher does not show up then it’s not a communication issue it’s just that they didn’t turn up. The reason for this can be different but usually would be severe short term illness, internet connection issues or simply forgetting (rare but also happens).
We take these cases very seriously and while there are understandable exceptions like illness or blackouts (happened quite often in China this year) for others we of course to take measures.

I am very sorry that this happened and we will make sure it won’t happen again.

Also sorry for being a bit slow on replying here over new year

You planned your whole day and napped for a few hours before your late evening classes, only to find out that your teacher didn’t show up. You’re left wondering. So now, you’ll have to email the support team and reschedule your classes again. Also, the next session will require the vocabulary of the previous class(es), which you missed.

Hi Andreas, Happy New Year! It seems that I have been unlucky as none of my classes have been cancelled just that the teacher has not shown up so I wasn’t aware that it would be communicated.

It’s happened a few times recently but hopefully just a bad spell.

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