Teacher didn’t show up but credit was taken

I’m reposting this from a previous post and had also emailed support team but so far haven’t heard anything.

“My class starts at 5:00 AM this morning but when I logged in, the teacher is no longer there. I don’t know if they have had an emergency or what. Shouldn’t I get a notice if the teacher is cancelling the class? Or opt themselves out 72 hours prior so that another teacher could take their place? I had to wake up extra early for this class. Now, I’ll just have to go cook some noodles and wait for my next hour class.“

Hi Noah, I’m sorry for all the inconvenience that it caused to you. I understand your feeling. I just gave you credit of that class back and one class extra for you. I hope it helps. And once you email to support email, you will definitely got our respond back asap, as the weekends I was packed but as soon as I’m on work I will sort that out for you right away. Support email is the right place to report this kind of things.
My apology again for the experience.


Thank you, AmeNguyen.

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