Taiwan popstar gossip

For those that enjoy a bit of 八卦… the last week has had some of the biggest gossip in China/Taiwan’s famous people circles!

王力宏 Wang Leehom is a really famous popstar. His (soon to be ex-)wife is called 李靚蕾 Jing Li Mei. Last weekend she released posts on all types of media saying how Wang Leehom had been unfaithful throughout their marriage, having affairs with other popstars and prostitutes, as well as abandoning their family and not spending time with his kids, and not giving her a fair settlement in the divorce. This is a very small portion of all the gossip, but there’s too much to cover in detail :joy:. There are also lots of other popstars allegedly linked, like 徐若瑄 Vivian Hsu and 孫雨 Yumi Bai - I feel like it’s the Chinese equivalent of Brad Pitt getting with Adele and being simultaneously linked to Katy Perry, George Clooney, etc

To see the beginning of the drama : Wang Leehom's wife releases IG post alleging numerous infidelities | Taiwan News | 2021-12-18 02:11:00

To practice some (traditional chinese) reading this is the original post from Jing Limei: Login • Instagram

And for those that are interested in learning more in a free lesson, one of my teachers Keren (who you should also follow!) gave us a lesson on it yesterday:


@Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_5 You’re all so well trained in sign language! :ok_hand: I love it!! Thanks for sharing; following Keren.


Wow that’s pretty juicy, thanks for the summary. I heard about it but didn’t pay too much attention. There is probably more to come.
Maybe it comes up as a topic in a free speaking class :smiley:

Keren is great at bringing up topics like this.

We’re planning to do a number of YouTube lives with her next year around these kinds of topics, I’ll post on here of any planned.

Otherwise, I absolutely second Chloe’s sentiments for following Keren


I found another great free class from Keren 老师: Chinese intermediate level Movie Talk: closet space - YouTube

She’s using the MovieTalk method to teach students how to express ideas and improve listening abilities using short movies and pausing/discussing them.

I’m wondering if we can teach this kind of class as well? Maybe as part of the upcoming HSK5 or “Fun & Practice (All levels)” that currently doesn’t contain any classes.


Thanks @Ben-Mandarin-HSK_5 . Listened to it and learnt some new words and sentences. :wink:
I definitely want and need to speak more. Monologise and prepare for lessons speaking aloud ;-).
I think it does not need to be a movie to learn and teach in this style. You can use anything like a photo, a theme, a situation, a place, some words, a dialogue, an LTL lesson and even a textbook. I know that Keren doesn’t like textbooks at all, but well it depends on how you work with them and use them. I think the problem with textbooks is, you should not use them as your main and only source, only as one of many sources.


While we’re all waiting for @Max to post the plans for YouTube lives as he promised :wink: , here is one recorded class from the beginning of this month, featuring the man himself: Popular Chinese Internet Slang 2021- episode 2 - YouTube.

You’re welcome.

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Thanks for sharing Ben, I think it slipped my mind to share it here before. I’ll try and run as many of these as possible next year.

I’m always looking for new teacher on social media to partner with so we’ll try and bring as many as possible, but of course time plays a factor as well, with a small team at hand.

For what it’s worth Keren recently moved back to the US so her class timings will be very out of sync with China based students but more favorable for our friends in the Americas, like yourself I believe!

I asked her to get involved in this forum also, hopefully she’ll drop by soon. Sure she could bring some great input here.