Sync of number of new posts, likes on Flexi page and Forum page

I think I’ve checked all new posts on the Forum, have seen even likes for older posts. And as it should it doesn’t show any numbers.

Since a few weeks my impression is that the numbers are not synced correctly with the normal Flexi Classes page. I’ve restarted my browser, but still:
This is the Flexi Classes page and still shows 4 new sth
Did I overlook something?
edit: It is now correct, as I look at it some hours later. (The last days it had stayed different, always a “1” left on the Flexi page, nothing on the Forum page)


I’ve noticed that too. It seems to be a relatively new feature, so maybe the sync doesn’t work properly yet?


Wow, I didn’t think anyone would notice this so quickly.

I have been trying to solve this for a while, but haven’t been able to yet.

What I think is happening is that on Flexi it shows you all unread notifications on Flexi Forum.
The blue bubble on Flexi Forum also shows you that, until you click on that drop down. Then the count goes down to 0, even though you might not have read all the notifications yet. However on Flexi it will stay and continue to show you the number of unread notifications. So now the two numbers are different, which is confusing.

We are still trying to figure out to solve this…

Ah, that makes sense. I have found some likes to my posts that I had seen (no more number on the Forum) but hadn’t opened, they are still grey then in the dropdown. I opened these posts as well and hoped that this would affect the Flexi page. Maybe taht solved it for me: It took some time and then the Flexi page also lost the numbers.


Today: read in the forum to get 0, Flexi page kept number.
A bit later (1 hour?)
Now: Flexi page synced and is 0. But at the same time Forum got a new 1.

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Yes, the numbers between Flexi and forum are synched every one hour so it always takes a bit of time to get the same.

So Flexi should have been updated with that one message too an hour later (assuming you didn’t read it).

Still no obvious way of solving this, but we keep looking.

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