Suggestion: Vocabulary word lists, and/or enable copy-and-paste from PDF

I find it very helpful if I can copy-and-paste the new vocabulary words, and/or download vocabulary lists, since I like to make computerized flash cards and I often make mistakes when trying to type in Vietnamese.

I appreciate that many of the Vietnamese PDF documents were updated in August, making it much easier to copy-and-paste up to lesson T100. But now I’m starting to look at T151 and up, and I’m disappointed to find that the Vietnamese text cannot be copied from most of these lessons. Thanks!

@Brett-Vietnamese-VN_Intro We started a discussion about this topic here: Highlighting new vocabulary in class pdf. The change is not intentional: during the export from PowerPoint to PDF the documents somehow get saved as images, rather than text (and yes, this is making it much harder for us to study).

Thanks Ben, I found some more clues which I have posted in that other thread. Apparently the application “Acrobat PDFMaker 22 for PowerPoint” was used to produce PDF files with easily-copied Vietnamese text, and it might work for other languages too.