Suggestion: Common learning vocabulary

Hi there,
After participating in some Vietnamese lessons, i sometimes struggle with metacommunication.

Sone teachers speak great English, some speak fast vietnamese.

Sone phases may be helpful to find common ground.

Could you repeat that?
I understood that.
I finished the task.
Very good.
Practice using roleplay.
Try it once more.
What does x mean in Vietnamese?
What does y mean in English?
Can you speak slowly?
This word consists of two parts. What’s their meaning when used separate?
I already know that topic
Can we go to the next / previous page?

My suggestion here would be to insert one or more lessons that cover these common vocabulary/ grammar.

I.e. one lesson in the intro, 1-2 in A1, etc…

It may help reduce language barrier between teacher/ student and encourage both sides to do meta communication in the target language.

Greetings :pray:


Hello Matthias, thank you for sharing your suggestion. I definitely see how useful those sentences would be and learning them early on would be beneficial for future classes.

@Holly-Le any chance this could be integrated into an existing lesson early on in the curriculum, or even adding it to the Intro course?


Hello Matthias, that sounds like a great idea. Meta-communication should be given some thoughts considering students and teachers on Flexi are in class in flexible hours.

I would see a way to this. Thank you so much for your suggestion, Matthias :grin:

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I can see how to incorporate this in the curriculum. This would be a nice addition. But I also had a thought, would be interesting to have a blog post about “common phrases in the classroom” in every language? What do you think? :thinking:


Great suggestion Holly, I’ll send you a private message so we can discuss this

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Hi Matthias, our blog just released an article about communication in a Vietnamese classroom. I think you might find this interesting :wink:


Hi there, sorry for the late reply
This is great :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and includes some phrases I don’t use properly yet :slight_smile:
I will bookmark it to have the browsertab available while learning, it could even be linked from the “join classes” Button.

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