Student meetup - July 22nd, 2023 - “Tales of Language Learning on Familiar and Foreign Grounds”

We would like to invite everyone to join our upcoming student meetup. During our time together, we’ll be focusing on two captivating themes: “Home and Away.” We want to hear your tales of studying a new language, either in your home country or in a foreign land. Did you face unique challenges? How did the experience differ from what you expected? What motivated you to keep pushing forward?

  • Topic: “Home and Away: Tales of Language Learning on Familiar and Foreign Grounds”
  • Date: July 22, 2023
  • Time: 17:30 GMT + 7 (Viet Nam time) & 12:30 (Paris time)
  • Duration: 60 minutes–90 minutes
  • Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

This meetup promises to be an exciting and engaging event where language learners from different parts of the world can e-meet each other. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner, everyone is welcome to join the conversation and exchange stories, experiences, and insights.

See you there! :hugs:


5:30 am or pm?

Ah, it should be 5:30 PM. I have just edited the post. Will you be able to join us?

I am joining!Looking forward to it

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oomph… I think that will be 0330 on the US west coast… but maybe :slight_smile:

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I am definitely up for this topic. Kudos to whoever thought of the name for the topic :clap:

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It would be great if you could manage to join this meetup. I believe your participation will be a valuable contribution to this event. If not, you are more than welcome to share your stories in this post.

Which team are you on? Are you currently studying Chinese in the US, or have you had experience studying in both the US and China?

Coming up with a catchy name can indeed be challenging :smiley:. Which team are you on? I assume you will be part of team 2, given your years of studying in Japan.

I feel like I have both feet in both teams, given I did study Japanese in Japan for some years, and English only within Vietnam. It’s gonna be an interesting talk for sure :grin:

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I just wanted to remind everyone that the student meeting is fast approaching, taking place on:

  • Singapore/ Beijing time GMT +8: July 22nd, 2023 at 18:30 pm
  • European time GMT +2: July 22nd, 2023 at 12:30 pm
  • Los Angeles time PDT: July 22nd, 2023 at 03:30 am

The Zoom link is provided above. We would love to see you all there.

@Holly-Le and me preparing for the meeting. See you guys in 10 minutes.

Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to join us at the student meetup last Saturday. It was great to hear stories from all the students, and a lot of thoughts about studying a new language were shared. It was inspiring to learn how each of you stays motivated in your language learning journey.

We hope to see even more students joining in our next student meeting! Let’s keep the enthusiasm and learning spirit alive. Looking forward to meeting you all again soon.

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