Spicy Chinese food

I’m heading to Chengdu for the first time in May which I’m really excited about :slight_smile:

I want to see what the spice tolerance is of all our forum members :wink:

On a scale of 1-10, how good are you with handling spice? (with 10 being able to handle anything and 1 meaning you cannot handle even the most gentle spice.)

I would rate myself a solid 7. I really enjoy a spicy dish typically, but I fear this trip to Chengdu might knock me back a couple!

I realized that since I move to Taipei in September my spice tolerance got waaaay higher!

When I first moved I couldn’t handle the spiciness very much (@Rushi can confirm :joy:), while now I feel I’m getting better; for example, I’m enjoying Korean food more and more (I love tteokbokki now!).

So I think I started as a 2 and now I’m a proud 5!

I totally second this, @Ottavia-Mandarin_Simplified_HS first couldn’t handle Kung Pao Chicken but after staying in Taipei for a while now I can proudly say she is not only getting better but also challenging her taste buds! Proud to see that.

Being of Indian descent @Max I can handle spice so I would say definitely a solid 8 but sometimes I have a dish or two that takes me by surprise that it would be Sichuan(ish) spicy which would be a bit tough to handle.

I am excited to see what dishes you try and which ones make your taste buds feel challenged!

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I love spicy food in China for the flirting opportunities, when someone asks you if the food is spicy, you can say “很辣,但是没有你辣” :wink:

I would say I’m a 6, I enjoy spice but I’ll also get a very runny nose if it’s too much!

I would say I’m around 4, I like slightly spicy food but I’m also scared to try spicy dishes so raising my spice tolerance is a long and difficult process :laughing:

You deliver this rizz, and only describe yourself a 6…! What a line :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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