Slow Chinese // Top Resource

Wanted to share another super Mandarin resource here.

It’s called Slow Chinese and is a free weekly newsletter that you receive every Saturday.

This is particularly a shout to the slightly more advanced learners, although there is no harm in subscribing if you are a beginner or intermediate.

It’s run by a guy called Andrew (who I am hoping joins us on this forum very soon) and he does an incredible job of creating this amazingly in-depth newsletter that teaches us Chinese spoken in the media during the previous weeks. I dread to think the hours he puts into this!

The great thing about Slow Chinese is you are learning things that are spoken in China right now, key buzzwords you never knew such as 刷屏, 乌龙 and 一刀切. This is a great way to level up.

My Saturday morning wouldn’t be the same without my coffee and Slow Chinese email these days and I hope some of you benefit from it too.

I wrote a review about it here and the website is here.

In particular I think this is one for @Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_5 and @Ben-Mandarin-HSK_5 !

I’ll do my best in the meantime to get Andrew on our forum so do post any questions you have about Slow Chinese like we do with Hack Chinese for Daniel!


Thanks! Subscribing for the newsletter.

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