Singles' Day - Do you know the story?

Singles’ Day just passed and I want to know if you went crazy on shopping and what did you buy?

In case you want to know the story behind this festival, here’s an interesting blog

I don’t think Singles Day is very popular in France, I haven’t seen any ads for it. However everyone is waiting for Black Friday!

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Used to enjoy spending money on needless rubbish back in China!

It’s never really mentioned in the UK/Europe though.

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Same in VietNam, people are waiting for Black Friday including me :laughing:

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I am surprised that Black Friday has any meaning outside of the United States, where it is the day after Thanksgiving holiday (which is always on a Thursday). Many people in the USA have a 4-day weekend that includes Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and most stores are closed on Thanksgiving so people go shopping on Black Friday.