Should we remove or change "Recommended Classes" in Flexi?

I have never heard of any of our students using “recommended classes” to book a class.
I am not sure if thats just a co incidence and nobody has ever mentioned it to me or if they really are not useful for students?
Do you ever book classes via “recommended classes”? If Yes/No why?

You guys are amazing with your feedback on how to use Flexi - we are preparing a big update based on all the great suggestions for improvement in this Forum to make Flexi Classes better. :100:

Never - it seems to always suggest I have class at like 3am Taipei time. Checking now, it suggests classes at 11pm, 2am, 4am - including one class I have already completed. Even if the “suggested” class itself is good, I book my classes based around the timing/my availability as I am not a full time learner


I’ve never looked at it

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I look at it but I’ve never booked a class using it. Always use the filters and get a full list myself.

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As I am jumping around on HSK1 and HSK2 the “recommended classes” are not useful for me.

I also don’t “understand” all the categories. I didn’t notice a difference between Vocab, Grammar and Practise lessons. ;-).

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Yes, I have seen no difference between classes in these different categories either. Nor have I chosen a class based on that category - except I avoid character classes.

oh really - it should never suggest classes for topics that you already studied. If you see that happening again, please send some screenshots and we have to fix this.

Taking the time zone of the student into account when recommending classes is a very interesting idea. Its a bit hard though because some people study in the evening, some during the day. So not sure which ones should be suggested, unless we look at the past times the student studied at and then suggest lessons that are similar to those.

Very interesting to hear that so far nobody uses the Recommended Classes. Would love to hear from more students - is there really nobody who finds those useful?

Right now it’s suggesting two topics that I’ve already studied and one topic that I’ve already booked:

“Do You Exercise Often?” is the only topic I haven’t studied yet but I’ve already booked the class and will be taking it on Tuesday (with the same teacher as the one teaching the Monday class, actually), so I don’t think it should show me topics I’ve already booked.

Also, note that the two classes on the right are in the middle of the night. Maybe there should be a way for us to select our availability? I know that I am not interested in taking classes in the middle of the night, and people with jobs probably won’t be available while they’re at work.

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It looks like we really need to review this. Thanks!

Yeah, honestly I’ve not used it either. It only suggests classes for topics that I either already studied or the ones I marked as “skipped”. But even if it were to show me the classes for topics I haven’t studied yet, it would only work for me if it showed the (one) next topic in the list, not several. Otherwise, I’d get confused and go to “my level” to check which class comes next in the order (which is what I do):sweat_smile: So maybe it’s ok to remove this function altogether :worried:

In the screenshot in Recommended classes, there are 2 topics that I’ve already studied and 2 other that I “skipped” (because they appeared with the later update)

Btw, I just realized I don’t use the “Book a class” category at all. I always check the order of topics and book classes through “My level”. Don’t know if it’s the case for anyone else haha


Yes you should.
It doesn’t work together with my (or any?) Flexi situation.

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