Setting level for multiple languages + saving preferences for filters (suggestion)

Hello! I’d like to suggest being able to set our level for multiple Flexiclass languages. I am taking both Korean and Vietnamese classes, and being able to switch easily to their respective Book A Class pages (fewer clicks to set my level and waiting for the page to load several times) would make for a better, smoother experience :slight_smile:

It would also be nice to save the filters we set on the Book A Class page so it applies each time we load.


Yes, saving the filters across levels and languages would be really helpful.
Chinese: I am about to finish the HSK3 Standard book, so LTL’s HSK2, HSK3 and HSK3+ suits me well.
Italian: A1+, and a few lessons from A1.
So, when I only have free time on Monday evening and Friday morning next week, that’s quite a job to choose.
But I am far away from complaining really, I love it that Flexi gives me the chance at all to be so picky about choosing lesson dates and fitting lessons. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent:

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I will also raise my hand to this.

Switching between Italian, Japanese and Mandarin can be a pain, would be nice to select multiple defaults and have them save.

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+1 this would be great

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