Scheduling back to back lessons

I am new the Flexi classes and booking group classes for the first time. The full course schedule with 2 hours a day doesn’t fit with my schedule. If you book the single lessons back to back, is it possible to end the first class and get to the second class on time with out disruption?

Yes. You will likely get the same teacher for both classes. Otherwise, you can just let the first teacher know that you need to leave the Zoom meeting on time because you have another class scheduled.

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Welcome @AmberRose to the forum. Each class lasts for 60 minutes, and normally, our teachers finish on time, so it doesn’t affect your next class. In case our teacher has extra time for discussion, you can simply inform the teacher that you have another class to join, and then you can move to the correct Zoom link to take the next lesson.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: