Saw an error in Korean pdf? please let us know here

Hello. Korean classes are available now. 50 Korean pdf have been uploaded now.
We proofread our teaching materials (PDF) many times and really try to make sure there is nothing wrong before using them, however sometimes there are still some mistakes (especially English language) around.
If you see anything that’s wrong or you think could or should be improved, please let us know here.

We will fix it straight away!
Thanks very much

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Intro P1
page 3, the pictures could be formatted better, so that you can read everything
page 4, phrase with small p
page 5, p should be the bold letter
page 7, doesn’t look nice with the t of consonant on the next line
page 8, butterfly and leg in lower-case
page 9, English words in lower-case
page 11, English words in lower-case
page 15,

  • The meaning of this first sentence is not clear. Maybe better: … Dokdo and is located in East Asia.
    ( In my opinion “which” would mean that only Dokdo lies in East Asia.)
  • Yellow Sea, capital letter for Sea
  • spaces after 1., 2., 3. and full stops at the end of the sentences of 1. and 2.
    page 16:
    In my opinion, it sounds a bit clumsy. I would suggest:
    Listen to the audio file and write down the letters you have heard.

Hello. It’s me Rosie again
I will forward your mess to the PDF creator so they can upgrade the PDF better
Big shoutout for you. thanks very muchhhhhhh :star_struck:

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