Saw an error in Japanese PDF or audio file? Please let us know here

We proof read everything several times, but sometimes we still missed something. If you see anything thats wrong, please let us know the pdf name, the number of the slide and whatever needs to be fixed.
We will get on it straight away and let you know once it has been updated.
Thanks a lot for the help :lexthelion_diagonal_logo:

The very first Hiragana class in JP Intro is missing the audio file. I was able to download the PDF, and it even references the audio file at the very end, but the professor and I were both very confused as to where the audio file was.


In the second Hiragana class, there is a column in the hiragana table that the teacher said was no longer used. Not sure if it is supposed to be there, but she made it sound like it shouldn’t be there because it is not used at all:



Thanks so much for this! The Japanese audio files are being done still. For the Hiragana I @Rosie-Cao to check.

How did your first Flexi Japanese class go? Is switching between Flexi Mandarin and Japanese easy enough to do?

Yep, everything has been really smooth so far! The first teacher needed a little more practice with the PDF editing tools and also the contents of the PDF itself, but the second teacher was simply fantastic. I left some detailed feedback for both the teachers and the PDFs when I rated my classes.

Switching between Mandarin and Japanese is very easy. It’s really tempting seeing the list of available languages grow. :joy: Now I feel like I have to learn all of them!


I’m also doing the Chinese/Japanese switch - very interesting learning them simultaneously! Love seeing the similarities they hold and then learning the beautiful scripts of Japanese.

I’m worried for my mental capacity when Korean goes live!


Hello Marco
Thanks for your feedback. Actually, we are going to make the audio soon for learners.
Please wait a little bit for us we will get this done as soon as possible.

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I found something in your Japanese reading materials that I want you to consider correcting!

For the “When is your birthday” segment I think the Furigana for the Kanji are messy overall.

Especially p7. The Furigana should be on top of the kanji that learners don’t understand. But on page 7, the furigana are far away from where they should be.

Sadly, it is not only for this page too, I recommend you check through all of your PDFs to make sure each furigana is on top of the kanji it is supposed to be on.

Also on p7, “When is your birthday”, you used a Chinese character. Practice should be 練習, but you used a different kanji for 練. I found this mistake not only on this page. So again please double check and correct them throughout.

The “This is my friend Kenji” and “There is a good restaurant” have character mistakes as well. For example, in the “This is my friend Kenji” PDFs,

On p9’s dialogue, it should be 会話 or 対話 in Japanese but you have used Chinese characters.

On p10, the word from grammar should be 文法 in Japanese, and

on P13 let’s talk should be 話しましょう!

For “there is a good restaurant”,

The p12 furigana looks messy, it’s difficult to tell which furigana is meant for which word.

Some furigana are on top of a different word.

For example, furigana いぬ should be on top of 犬, not カフェ.

I really hope you can fix these issues with no problems. They will improve the quality of the learning materials by so much. I appreciate you taking the time to read and look forward to seeing the changes.

Thank you in advance!



For the 説明をお読みください (Please read the instructions) PDF, on page 12, the furigana above入力 from [機械:番号をご入力ください] says the reading is にょうりょく, but the correct reading is にゅうりょく.

Thank you.


Hello Layla
Your feedback is really helpful for us. Lesson 12 When is your Birthday is revised.
Practice should be 練習 → Let me ask my team and update the lesson soon.
Thanks again. We work hard on the Furigana now. Yes, It’s kinda messy now. we will go through the JP PDF asap. Thanks a lot :wave: :wave:
JP-A1-T11-When is your birthday-TK-2021 10 09.pdf (1.5 MB)

Hello. thanks for your comment. We will fix it. Let me discuss with my team about it. At the moment, my team is going through the whole pdf again to fix the mistakes
We want to improve the teaching material asap.
Thanks again for your support