Russian now HALF THE PRICE

Good morning everyone :blush:
We have just reduced the cost of Russian class:

  • for Small group class: from 1 credit to 0,5 credit
  • for 1on1 class: from 3 credits to 1,5 credits

This price will be applied from 28th Nov

Also, we are having a new level of Russian coming up :muscle:


Thats amazing, thanks for that Ame. Half price is a huge discount.

Super! I guess it’s time for me to start learning Russian. Thanks for this great news. :star_struck:

Great! But trying to find class times is madness! Doesnt seem very flexible for me. Please condiser changing the times more suitable. Maybe 2hrs on a saturday and sunday morning for the 4hr/week would be better for UK times, its virtually impossible to follow any kind of study time with the current schedules.


I concur! I am in the West Coast of Canada, and when I am available to take classes, most of my language teachers are off to bed, or still/already asleep in their respective time zones. :sob: Having Canadian-time-friendly class times and available teachers would be much appreciated for sure. :smiling_face:


thanks, but I am not 100% sure how to change that or what would need to be changed?
There are Flexi Russian classes available 24/7 so just book a class when you find suitable at any time you want.
If you want to follow a fixed time course, there are a lot of good options available according to the UK times. Just did a quick check now and for A1 level for example 6-8pm after work Wed & Fri or Tue & Thur or Mon & Wed.
It is not possible to create a fixed course option that fits every single persons schedule (Flexi Classes can do that of course, but not a fixed time course), but especially for the UK and EU times there are a lot of options.


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We can do Flexi Classes 24/7, so just book a class when is suitable for you. With Russian just having been added we have to struggle a bit to get all teachers at the times you book, but we will get it done. Maybe have to be a little bit patient with us for the first few weeks, but then that will be solved.
Thats one of the reasons we reduced the price, so more people book classes and the more classes we have booked the more teachers we have teaching. For a popular language like Mandarin it is no problem to teach 24/7 and we will get there with Russian very soon too.

For Fixed Time Full Courses, the time zones we serve are New York, EU and Singapore, so I agree the Pacific Coast has it a bit harder as the classes will be a little bit earlier in the day then they are planned for New York. However, there are still a lot of options that can fit on weekends

and during the week

however if those fit of course depends on your specific time schedule. The best option is always booking Flexi Classes, where you can just choose a class whenever you want. And dont worry about studying a Topic twice, Flexi Classes are all about speaking practice. Many students study a topic two or three times, it is great grammar revision and you will always be able to practice your speaking and learn new vocab.

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Hi Andreas, I know it must be difficult but i have same problem with chinese, i cant always do evenings either due to work adn dont get home until after 7pm. However saturday and sunday mornings 2hrs a day would work for most I think as 4hrs is a bit much for one day. I think that you would get a lot more uptake in courses if you done something like 2hrs each on a sat and sunday morning/early afternoon.

Cheers Mo

I’m pretty sure scheduling full-time courses for 10 languages across 38 different time zones with a limited pool of teachers must be a logistical nightmare. I hope it’s fully automated, otherwise props to whoever is doing this.

I don’t really understand, though, why so many people still prefer full courses over Flexi? Is it just the ability to book 50 classes with one click? I would much rather pick the times manually a couple days in advance as I still need to preview study materials before every class I’m about to take. @Maurice-Mandarin-HSK_4 ?


Hi Andreas

Thank you for the screenshots, yes I have looked at the schedules many times.
I have tried booking Flexi as well as full courses that work best for my time zone and schedule. For some languages, there are just no teachers available to take the classes. :pensive:

I agree Maurice. I started Cantonese full course a couple weeks ago. It is 4 hours each Saturday (early evenings 5-7pm, early nights 8-10pm, Pacific Standard Time). It was challenging to do 4 hours at a go, even with a one hour break in between, my facial muscles and vocal cords were exhausted. Initially I had two different teachers (one in Brazil and one in Toronto) and the time was late for them (4 hours ahead of PST in Brazil, and 3 hours ahead of PST in Toronto). Both of these teachers work full time in their other jobs and are going on holidays so some of my full course classes have to be cancelled, leaving gaps in my curriculum progression. Due to time zone differences, they are not able to take the Flexi classes in the evenings (my time PST). I agree that scheduling 2 hours a day on weekends will be better. :grinning:

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Ok, I see, so with full classes, it’s mostly a lower risk of classes being canceled since you’re forcing a teacher to commit to the schedule. But even then, it sounds like full courses are getting canceled as well. I guess there is not much we can do there apart from moving to another timezone.


Do you mean like physically relocating to a different time zone? :grin:


@Maurice-Mandarin-HSK_4 - I am also in the UK and I found afternoon time always had a good number of options. See the classes here I took in August.

As Andreas said, with Russian being new, it will take us time to have lots of options, but stick with us, we’ll only be adding more teachers and more classes.

Hope this helps.



Just to make sure, is it from 28th Nov or 28th Oct?


November @Arthur-Mandarin_Simplified_HSK

You can however take advantage of the half price from now, but the class must be booked from November 28th.

Any classes booked before November 28th will remain at 1 credit.

Hope this makes sense.

We are working on that. We have teachers for all time zones, just what can happen is that of for a while nobody books any classes during that time zone they have to fill their schedule with other work and then can’t take the classes anymore.
Not ideal and it stops when a language gets more popular however always temporary. Just keep booking in your time zone and it will work.
If you lost some credits due to having to cancel just email Ame on [email protected] and you will always get those back (plus some extra if you ask her nicely:) )


Hi, I don’t think the promotion is active yet - I tried booking a class on 11/29 (16:00 EST - What is it?) and was still charged one credit.

Oh that should not happen. We will investigate and let you know asap. In the meantime just email support and you will get your credit back :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried booking a Russian class as well for a class dated after November 28th and it was also charged at 1 credit.