Reviewing classes

Hi everyone!
I’ve been taking some classes on flexie for the past few days/ week
I was wondering how everyone was reviewing their class.
While in class I try to take as much note as possible but when the student is just me, it is kind of difficult to take all the notes.
While the teacher writes some extra vocals and new grammar on the pdf file, I’m not receiving the written pdf either…
Is it ok to record our classes? And also is it possible to record a zoom class without login in our selves? (I don’t have my zoom account)

Also what do you do to review your classes?

Thanks in advance and hope to get some advice :slight_smile:


Hi Maya, and welcome to flexie!

I’m not actually sure what the LTL policy on recording Zoom classes is but you should definitely be able to find teacher’s notes (annotated PDF) if you go back to the same class from “My classes” and download from there.

Just give your teacher a few minutes to upload the PDF.

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I used to be able to download the annotated notes, but recently I think there has been a change to the system and when I download the “annotated notes”, what I get is the non-annotated version. Not sure if there is a bug in the system or if the teacher hasn’t uploaded the annotated version (they usually do though, and it’s been a few days so I’m also wondering what’s happening…)

WRT to reviewing what we have studied… what I tend to do is go through the lesson material once before the class, go through it once during class with the teacher, and once more after they upload the annotated notes. When going through I try to read out loud while shadowing the audio resources if available, and make my own sample sentences for the new vocab /grammar points. I personally rarely review classes beyond that though, I usually move on to the next lesson or other language resources like textbooks or youtube videos for additional exposure. I wouldn’t call my approach “advice” though, just sharing what I do. I think everyone has different preferences and it’s about finding out what works for you


Hi Maya and welcome to the forum.
Currently, we do not record meetings to create a comfortable study environment for both students and teachers in the classroom. Teachers have a maximum of two days to upload the PDF file, but we always encourage them to do so right after the class, which is the common practice. Our teachers are required to upload a PDF file after each class. If you do not see the file, please send an email to [email protected] to inform us. @Maya-Vietnamese-VN_A1_Beginner @Zhi_Ru-Korean-A2_Upper_Element
Ben has showed you how to locate the annotated file. In case you still cannot find it, I will attach a screenshot here.
Step 1:

Step 2:

to add to this, it would be super cool to be able to download the entire “folder” of annotated PDFs from prior series. It’s often that I don’t have much time until a week or more later to do a better review and it would save me so much time to just be able to do something like… “download all of my HSK4 PDFs” etc… this is probably a big ask, but figured I’d throw it out there :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the instruction !!
I finally understood how everything works here!

You’re supposed to go to every class page to rate the class and teacher anyway :wink:

Thank you for the suggestion. We will think about this, but it’s probably hard as every annotated file has to be linked to an exact lesson

I do right after the class, but often the PDF isn’t up and i"m not into reviewing directly after the lesson anyway