Request to LTL: Provide a grammar summary for each HSK level lessons

Hi LTL team,

I have mentioned this before, but thought I would write a formal request for an overall summary grammar list that includes the grammar structures learnt in each lesson, and possibly vocabulary learnt in each lesson. (vocab is less important for me but I notice also mentioned in another thread…)

On the discord it was mentioned by some students that they would like to have a grammar summary. Right now, it’s not possible to search for the grammar in a lesson. Sometimes i really want to revise a certain grammar structure, or learn a grammar structure, but I can’t find it and don’t want to click on every flexi-lesson to find it. I would do more repeated lessons if I had this :slight_smile:

Other students - please “like” this post if you agree and would like this to be created!



We did discuss this topic during the last meetup. @Andreas-Mandarin-HSK_6 had a few doubts about the actual usefulness of this feature.

Just like @Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_5, I occasionally want to review specific grammar structures or 成语. Since I upload every annotated lesson to an Evernote notebook, I can then theoretically search for what I have already studied (assuming that the PDFs are actually searchable). However, having an official lesson index would definitely be preferable.


I would definitely like to have a better overview of the content.

At the moment I am searching for " Expressing “every” with question words" like in the Standard Course book HSK3 lesson 17.
I couldn’t find it in LTL up to now, even though I copied all description headers of HSK3 and made a list.
Maybe this grammar is somewhere in 3+ or 4 ? Does anybody know?
This would be a good topic for the grammar bank.


Hi guys

I think I posted this before but here is my old attempt at making this grammar summary. It only has HSK 4 meaningfully filled out, but perhaps that’s useful to someone!

Welcome to add details for the other classes in too :slight_smile:


This would be great. Even if it wasn’t integrated into the lesson booking system, just a pdf with a list of all the grammar points by lesson(like Chloe’s) would be helpful. I would definitely repeat classes on grammar points I have trouble with.


Thank you for sharing your suggestion and your example of how you would like to keep your notes on the vocabulary list and grammar points. Our academic team will look deeper into this suggestion and see how we can improve our system to provide a better learning experience for our students.

Thank you everyone for all the suggestions.
The Grammar bank for each HSK level has now been launched on our website. It is currently available from HSK 1 to HSK 3, and we are still working on expanding it further.
What you can find in this grammar bank:

  • New speech bubbles for dialogues
  • Tables for sentence examples now have an “audio” feature, to listen to the sentence spoken out loud
  • Flexi Classes links at the bottom for the corresponding online lessons

LINK - Chinese Grammar Bank (Beginner to Advanced) | Flexi Classes