Request for course schedule and when are more courses added?

Hi my two sisters and I just started using flexli classes every Saturday to learn Vietnamese. So far all the classes on Saturdays have been at reasonable times (PST) and we have been able to take one class each Saturday in the order order of the curriculum. I have looked ahead for some of the future classes we are planning to take and it looks like some Saturdays we will have to take 2 or 3 classes due to the course not being offered on the following Saturday in the order of the curriculum. I was wondering when or if classes are ever added? Also when is the schedule usually updated?

Hi Jasmine,
Click on book a class, select your level, click group class, deselect every day but Saturday(every day is selected by default). You’ll then see every class offered on Saturdays. I just checked and the schedule is currently displayed up until November 12th. There is one class every hour of the day. I suggest either signing up for scheduled weekend group classes, for which the schedule is posted up until January 2023 or consider doing some one on one classes to fill the gaps. If you’re on Pacific Time, Vietnam is 14 hours ahead of you. E.g. noon where you are is 2 am for the teachers. Sooo, reasonable times are relative. Hope to see you in a class sometime!

Sorry, meant signing up for scheduled " full courses" taught on weekends.