"Refer a Friend" Online Now

We now have a very cool “Refer a Friend" feature. You can send a referral code to a friend. When they sign up with that code to Flexi Classes they get 5 free trial group classes or an extra 5 group classes on top of whichever package they purchase.

If they purchase a package at the beginning or sign up for a subscription at the end of their trial, you the referrer will get free 5 group classes too.

Please try it out and let me know how it is going for you. Any issues encountered please provide a screen shot so we can fix it - and if it works well then please also let us know here. Took us a loooong time to build this thing, would be great to hear if it is useful for people.


I posted the referral code on the student discussion board of my university Chinese unit, which is mostly visited by online-only students. The discussion board doesn’t get many hits… but maybe someone will sign up.

However, I’ve enrolled in a different Chinese diploma at a different university for second semester. I’m not continuing in the one mentioned above owing lack of interaction with tutors or lecturers… How can one improve with a two-hour class once a week in a group of 20 students? You could be corrected on maybe two or three problems per week… So anyway, if this refer-a-friend campaign lasts for the rest of this year, I’ll mention it to my new student colleagues.

I also posted the link on my Facebook timeline. I only have 37 Facebook friends (plenty for an introvert like me), but it’s a start. :joy:

I also attend a weekly face-to-face Chinese language group at a local city library, run by a native speaker who is a volunteer (how amazing, right?) He’s been doing it for four years and has a full room of students. He actually expects everyone to be writing Chinese. :slight_smile: There is a WeChat group with 23 members but my smartphone WeChat doesn’t have Web version and I’d have to write the code out by hand. I’m a bit lazy…

Incidentally, I couldn’t post the link to my timeline using the Facebook logo. While it opened a Facebook-branded page, it instead expected me to send the code to a specific friend. Also, the link in the dialogue box with the yellow “copy” button does not work more than once, and it doesn’t show the discount code. To see the discount code, one has to click the email logo button, and copy and paste the link and the sentence with the discount code into one’s desired destination.



Great, I hope someone uses the referral code and you get your free credits.
Yes, Facebook doesnt allow another app to post anything to your profile, so you need to copy and paste the link there yourself.
To copy the referral link a 2nd time, you would need to refresh the page again. Or the work around you used pressing the email button also works of course.
Let me know if anyone tries to sign up with the code. Very excited to try it out and if there is anything that needs to be fixed let me know of course.

Is there any sort of notification when your friend signs up? I thought flexi had somehow given me random credits then my colleague just told me he signed up - but I didn’t see any notification or anything?


That is a good point. Currently when a friend of yours pays for a program with your referral code you just get 5 free group classes, but you are not notified about it in any way.
Let me check how we can maybe improve this.
I just saw you got twice 5 group classes as a referring student already, which is amazing. The last one just two days ago :star_struck:


Hello, I just want to bump up this cool feature. You can send a referral code to your friend and that friend will get 5 free trial group classes (instead of 3). I think it’s also a nice idea to gift someone in this festive season