Recent New Words I Learnt (Mandarin)

Wanted to share 3 of my favourite words I learnt from the last few weeks in Beijing.

Let me know if you knew any of these :slight_smile:

不在乎 (bú zài hu) means “to not care”

说曹操,曹操到 (shuō cáo cāo, cáo cāo dào) means “speak of the devil… (and he arrives)”

拖延症 (tuō yán zhèng) means someone who loves to procrastinate

Three words that have become engrained into my speaking. Nothing better than learning on the go with native speakers :star_struck:


An expression that a teacher here on LTL taught me is:
which basically means “If there is a Monkey in the house, then there is no need to worry about food or clothing." I was born in the year of the Monkey, so I love this expression.

Very cool! This is why I love learning Mandarin, expressions like this :slight_smile:

I found that many natives will use 操心 to express “worry”. I thought that’s quite cool coz I always use “担心”.

My friend also taught me the word "瓶颈” to describe 很难进步,很难熬的阶段. Basically a bottleneck period or a plateau in one’s progress :slight_smile:

That’s a great word! Added it to my Hack Chinese list :slight_smile:

Mimicking natives is a smart idea. I recently stayed at a homestay in Beijing and I noticed the daughter always used 确实 to emphasize something.

I try to squeeze this into my speech more as she does.

EXAMPLE SENTENCE || 我确实是个很懒的人 instead of 我是个很懒的人. Whilst both are valid I like having the variations to mix it up :slight_smile:

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This week I’ve started a mini Flexi Class sprint - one class every day 8am Mon-Fri! One class down and I’m already excited for the rest of the week :heart_eyes:

Today I learned a word that I’ve somehow not ever picked up: 榴蓮 (Liúlián)

Durian!! How I’ve gone this long without knowing is a mystery :rofl: but definitely committing this one to memory.


Love this, I might also try for a week when I get back home. 加油 Hannah.

Nice new word to learn that :smiley:

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