Prebook feature?

At the moment I have a tough time, my parents are seriously ill, I need to travel a lot, I have to be flexible to accept some work dates in my “holidays”…
In my situation it would be helpful to be able to sort of prebook lessons and observe them. When I think I can definitely book I would only need to check my prebooked choices and see what is still available.
What do you think?


I really hope your parents are going to be ok. Nothing more important than family!

For pre-booking, theoretically you can do that. You can just book the classes now for the future. If you want to take them great and if not, just cancel them 72hrs before the class and you will get your credits back (as long as your credits are valid).

Its not an exact solution for your problem though. Not sure how to solve yet, let me think a bit about it.


Sorry to hear about your family; family comes first. Take care of yourself.

I’m with you on being able to mark classes that are of interest. @Andreas_Admin_Flexi - how about a favourites or wishlist option? Eg be able to star future classes then filter by stars to re-find them?


Interesting. Where would you like to find those “favourites” topics? As a filter in “Book a Class”?

Who else would find that feature useful?

With the caveat that I’m not a programmer, that sounds like a straight forward way of dealing with it. So add the option to star a class in the Book A Class menu. Starring a class will do nothing to your view unless you subsequently apply a “favourites” filter in the menu. When someone comes back to the Book A Class menu at a later date, s/he can then use the filter to see what classes s/he has previously starred that are in the future.

I think that this would be helpful as it can take quite a bit of planning unless committing to an existing class schedule.

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Thank you both for your good wishes.
Thanks @Vicki-Mandarin-HSK_2, that is what I meant really. “to prebook” wasn’t the right word maybe.


Interesting, so you suggest starting a class, not a topic, correct?

Well, I mean topics=lessons.

Yep I would definitely like this! A “preferred lessons” star if you like. There are some lessons I really wanna do, there are some I am less keen on, saves me checking the pdf multiple times if there was that option


Just to confirm, you mean starred lessons (NOT topics), correct?
I don’t understand what you mean with “checking pdf” exactly?

Sorry for asking so many times just trying to make sure I get it right. Preferred topics and preferred lessons would be a very different thing

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Okay, I think I got it. A lesson has a fixed date, a topic means only the title of the lesson. Of course,… sorry to habe confused you.
So, for my part, I would like to preselect lessons with day and time and wait until I can definitely book. Of course the longer I wait the less are still available, but to check that would be easier.


Yep same, when i say topic = lesson title.

By checking pdfs I mean, I look thru the pdf before booking a class to see what vocab grammar etc is on the class. if i see a really good one, it would be nice to “star” it and remember that i liked that lesson and want to take it. Sometimes i look at a lesson this way multiple times (e.g. if there isn’t a suitable time coming up)

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Oh now I am getting a bit confused. You two seem to be talking about two very different things.
Topics are a topic like “That is too expensive” or “Tones”. They are not a class, they do not have a time or a date.

A Lessons (or classes) happen at a specific time and will then teach a topic.

I think Chloe wants to reserve a topic and Sonja would like to reserve classes. Is that correct?

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haha - ok reading this back, yes, you’re right, i wanted to reserve a title, without any time or date attached to it!

sorry for the multiple confusions!