Popular soft drinks and alcohol in Vietnam

In case you’re wondering what drinks there are in the streets of Vietnam (fyi a lot!), let me guide you to some of the most popular drinks in Vietnam, from coffee, soft drinks, to alcohol.


  • Cà phê sữa (đá/nóng) - coffee with sweetened condensed milk (iced/hot)

  • Cà phê cốt dừa - coffee with coconut milk (I might be biased but Cộng cafe brand has the best cà phê cốt dừa. I’m up for debate about that :wink:)

  • Cà phê muối - salted coffee (it might sound like a weird combination but i swear salt complements the coffee taste very well)

  • Cà phê trứng - egg coffee

Non-alcoholic beverage:

  • Trà tắc - kumquat tea (my absolute favorite, so refreshing and widely available in the streets and coffee shops :+1: )

  • Nước mía - sugarcane juice

  • Trà sữa trân châu - milk tea with boba (classic drink)

  • Trà mãng cầu xiêm - tea with soursop (it was all the rage in recent year. Soursop fruit taste like a combination of strawberry and apple, but with a little citrus mixed in)

  • Nước sâm - Vietnamese herbal tea (personally not my fav but it’s very common and good for detox)

  • Nước đá me - iced tamarine juice, sometimes with added crushed peanuts

Alcoholic drinks:

  • Bia hơi - Vietnamese draught beer, very fresh, light with low alcohol content and no strong aftertaste

  • Rượu cần - fermented glutinous rice mixed with several kinds of herbs from the local forests, drunk out of a jar through pipes, indigenous to several ethnic groups (it’s not common but it is iconic)

  • Rượu nếp - sticky rice distillate

  • Other than these, Vietnam also has some award-winning craft distilleries in recent years, like Lady Trieu Gin, Song Cai dry gin, Rhum Belami, Son Tinh distilled spirit, etc.

There are still more to explore when it comes to drinks in Vietnam. What have you tried, or which one do you want to try next, in this list?

FYI if you are in Vietnam and looking to explore fine places to try coffee and soft drinks, we have a list for you, from Hà Nội, Hội An, Sa Pa, to Hồ Chí Minh City. Impeccable vibe! Try it for yourself :wink: :camera_flash:

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My favourite Vietnamese drink is definitely Vietnamese coffee - Cà phê sữa :heart_eyes: I was also surprised to see so many people out at cafes late at night, the caffeine tolerance of some locals must be pretty high :rofl:

Also when I was in Ho Chi Minh I had the BEST watermelon juice I’ve ever had in my life, would definitely recommend

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Seconded! So so good


This is such a great list!! Cà phê sữa is definitely the best coffee I’ve ever had in my entire life :heart_eyes:

But one is enough to keep me awake for two days straight :laughing:

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Ngl I also wonder why there are people drinking coffee after 7pm :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I am back from a few days in Vietnam and finally got to try the egg coffee :heart_eyes: sooo good

Right!! One of the better caffeine beverages you can get anywhere!