Pleco Review Online

Great video from @Max about the most essential Mandarin learning tool there is.

Who else uses Pleco?
I am on the free version only, anyone using the paid flash card system too?


Very good video, thanks @Max

I happen to have the strokes included. It says “Demo” for 28,000 chars. :rofl:

Btw, a note for beginners, it is important to use the right direction to write the characters if you search a char on Pleco or LINE Chinese by painting, to get the correct choices. :wink:

  • Thanks, I always forget about the History.
  • I didn’t know that I could choose a specific add-on as well, not only the bundles.
  • Up to now I hadn’t discovered the “words beginning” and “words containing”. I used other sites for that on my laptop.

For the OCR I am using the free version of ChinesePro. You make a photo with it, frame the piece of interest and get it translated. There is always some annoying advert between, but okay, it is so useful. Maybe sometime I will get the OCR for Pleco…

Thankyou for your wonderful (British) English lesson. :rofl: :star_struck:
to delve into sth, to be versed to sth, screen grabs, to hold fire, clever clogs, Hamburger icon :rofl:, one-off (payment),
and Pleco taught me “chars”.
I am still using LEO as well, and LINE Chinese, MDBG, or Hackchinese, when I want to add it anyway, and some other sites. I like to play around :wink:


I’ve been using Pleco for YEARS and is the ultimate app for me. At first I thought the app was not easy to use but with time I realised it’s just a matter of getting used to it. Also over the years some improvements were made.

TOP TIP I learned recently:

Did you know that by typing a question mark before or after a character you’d get ALL words including this character in alphabetical order?

For example I want to see all words with 子 in second position, I type “?子” and get the following: WechatIMG113

And same goes the other way around, still in alphabetical order:

Hope this is useful :wink:


Recently I started to use it as my first choice dictionary.
The ? trick is brilliant. Awesome!! :lexthelion_flag_de:


I had no idea. Thats amazing!

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OH. I’ve been using Pleco for over four years and I didn’t know this trick all along. Thanks for sharing.