Physical: 100 || Winner, Cast & General Thoughts **SPOILERS**

Okay guys, who else has been obsessed with Physical: 100 recently?!

I binge watched Season 2 recently and I am HOOKED. I was really rooting for Hong Beom-Seok to be number 1, but Amotti is absolutely a worthy winner - though so was Andre after pushing through those squats :rofl: Who did you want to win?

Also, do you think women should have their own season? I love the idea that it’s a totally open competition but when so many of the challenges test absolute strength (also not proportionate to body weight) I feel like a lot of the women are seen as team burdens/sacrifices, which doesn’t feel super empowering :skull:

And in case you were wondering, here’s how to say Physical 100 in Korean:
Pijikeol: baek

Physical 100

I loved this season!!

I agree with what you say about the women contestants and was shocked to hear the others say things like “wow he chose a women on his team, how brave!!” which really shows that they think about them as “weaker” contestants.

Waiting for a season 3 now :wink:

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I hope we don’t have to wait a whole year for season 3!!

Rumour has it that the next one will encompass the whole of Asia - that would be awesome to watch. Plus a great review if anyone is learning multiple Asian languages :laughing:

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That would be amazing! I will definitely be watching

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Can’t wait for season 3!!

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Well, I just saw the trailer for season 2 and I must say I am very close to be influenced. Looks very competitive and nice shot!

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