PDFs full of strange boxes

I’ve been taking some Japanese classes recently and encountered a strange issue in multiple lesson pdfs - they’ve got these boxes instead of text:

Although the teacher (Takayuki-san is awesome!) went around this problem and prepared different exercises for me, the pdfs should be fixed :sweat_smile:

Are you using a Mac or iOS device to open this file? @Sandra-Mandarin-HSK_4 The font will scramble if you open the folder. If you open the browser, it should be fine.

I checked the system and updated a new file. Those boxes should be fixed now, regardless of any display. If you want to check what the completed PDF lesson looks like, I can attach the file here:
JP A2+ T159 Whenever It’s Windy _20210907.pdf (1.4 MB)

I’m glad you had a good class time. Thank you for reporting this error. If there is an error (or feedback for the material) in the future, you can report it in this form https://forms.gle/zdKKNb1VQTBhx8ge6

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