PDF problem who can help me

Hello everyone, I’m starting with LTL and have a class tomorrow. Unfortunately I don’t see any pdf attached, how is it possible?


Hi Esteban,
you chose to do a 1 on 1 lesson, tailor-made. That means you could have made suggestions and tell wishes what you want to do.
You didn’t book a specific lesson from the list.
You can always look into any lessons texts and download them before booking them.
To choose a lesson you can go to “My level”, click a lesson and have a look into the learning materials and download them or not…
My suggestion is choose a lesson and tell the teacher which one you want to do then in your 1 on 1 lesson.


Yes, @Sonja-Mandarin-HSK_3 is 100% correct.
I just checked you didnt write any notes on what you want to study. However, this is no problem. You can check all the topics under LTL Flexi Classes
You can choose whichever topic you want and when the class starts just tell the teacher that you want to study that topic. You can download the pdf from the My Level page as well to prepare for the class.
In the future when you book 1on1 classes, you can already choose a specific topic to be taught during that class so the teacher knows in advance what they should teach.
Or you choose a Tailor Made class and write in the notes what you want to study (for example: “I would like to practice tones, especially the third tone I am struggling a bit with”)

As a suggestion: If you are a low HSK 1, start with the first chapter from HSK 1 chapter 1. If you are already studied a bit into HSK 1 start with the first topic in Chapter 3 HSK 1. And if you are already quite a strong HSK 1, start with the first topic in Chapter 4 HSK 1.

Enjoy your classes let us know how it went @Esteban-Mandarin-HSK_1

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