Our NEW Chinese Grammar Bank is LIVE!

Our Chinese Grammar Bank 2.0 is LIVE!

The old structure has been updated and improved.

It includes:

  • 80 lessons covering HSK1 and HSK3 grammar points
  • New speech bubbles for dialogues
  • Tables for sentence examples now have an “audio” feature, to listen to the sentence spoken out loud
  • Clearer layout, easier to navigate
  • Flexi Classes links at the bottom for the corresponding online lessons

AND a new search bar to make it easier to find a specific grammar lesson.

LINK - Chinese Grammar Bank (Beginner to Advanced) | Flexi Classes

I hope you find this useful!


Italian and Korean are next to be updated with the 2.0 structure, Japanese will follow :v:

All are still being regularly updated with new lessons:

Italian - Italian Grammar Bank || Ultimate Guide to Italian Grammar | Flexi Classes
Korean - Korean Grammar Bank || Beginners & Intermediate Lessons
Japanese - Japanese Grammar Bank | Learning Japanese Grammar Made Easy

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We’d love to hear your feedback on this updated resource :slight_smile:

We’re super proud of it and have spent hours perfecting it, but we always love hearing from you guys :slight_smile:

This is so cool! If only it could check my pronunciation too, then it would be perfect! :wink:

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Such a great Chinese grammar resource, especially with the audio feature :heart_eyes: