Our Blogs // Writing for LTL in Exchange for Credits

Hey everyone. I just wanted to plug our blogs in case you perhaps miss them and propose a little something for you.

In the Marketing team we spend A LOT of time on creating content, whether it be graphics, videos or articles and we really do pride ourselves on it. My goal is to make us the #1 online resource for language learning and whilst that’s ambitious, it keeps the team and I firmly on our toes!

Now we teach more than just Mandarin we are building our Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese blogs. I wanted to share them in case you missed them with you and also propose something for any of you interested…

Vietnamese Blog | https://flexiclasses.com/vietnamese
Japanese Blog | Flexi Japanese Blog - Learn Chinese Online with LTL Mandarin School. Online Chinese Classes in groups or individually with our first-rate and certified Mandarin teachers will have your Chinese advancing at super speedy levels.
Korean Blog | https://flexiclasses.com/korean
Mandarin Blogs | Movie, App & TV Show Reviews | Mandarin Immersion Blog & http://ltl-school.com/blog

One of my jobs at LTL is putting together an amazing team of content writers and I thought, as we have some hugely passionate students, why not ask you guys as well.

If anyone is interested in writing for us drop me a message ([email protected]) and we can discuss in further detail. We’d gladly pay you in free Flexi classes.

All languages are welcome - we have websites in 17 different languages if I remember rightly so the chances are, we cover your native language as well as English!

Hope to hear from some of you!

Max | LTL Marketing


let read my Vietnamese blog hehe.


The blogs are awesome! How long does it usually take to publish a blog?

Thanks Ben, really appreciate the comment, it’s the thing we spend more time on than anything else in truth!

Normally a student would send me the blog via Word and I do all the formatting/linking etc. This allows the writer to focus on that and nothing else.

A few students on this forum have sent some superb content in thus far and it’s been a big help in allowing our team to focus on other things aside from writing :slight_smile:

I make sure we add relevant ones to the ADDITIONAL RESOURCES section in each class which I hope are well received :slight_smile:


PS any favourite blogs or ones that stood out for you? It’s really useful for me to know what people like/dislike or want to see more of!

Thanks in advance.

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There are quite a few, actually.

The app reviews are all very useful. For example, I purchased a lifetime subscription after reading the HSK Online App review. The movie recommendations (and anti recommendations as well). The New HSK article was how I actually found about LTL from Google.

And last but not least all the personal stories, e.g. Fluent in 3 months about Benny Lewis, Chinese Homestay over 40 written by Lenka (who translated the whole LTL site to Czech), and Alex’s journey about effortlessly learning his 12th language (or 21st, I lost count).

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Love to hear that, very useful indeed. I’ll be feeding that back to our team and we’ll try to do more of the same.

We went hard on the TV/Movie reviews last year but stopped those for other content. I might get some more as TV is course always has new trends and shows to follow!

Thanks Ben


Max-H Would it be possible to have certain blogs entirely in Chinese? While reading some of the current articles, I often wonder how I would express those ideas in Mandarin.

While I may not be able to contribute translations or original Chinese content myself, I would love to read short texts created by teachers, staff members, or even other students.

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It’s a good idea we did discuss before.

I might bring it back to the forefront of discussion to be honest Ben, it’s a nice idea.

When we get time we’ll try and provide some. If you have further ideas/requests about what you’d like just let us know and we’ll try and provide something as close as we can :slight_smile:

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