One-off credits purchase for interns

Question for admin! Hi Max & Andreas,

I hope it’s okay to post my question in the public forum, as being relevant to LTL Language School’s interns who receive Flexiclass credits instead of currency as payment for their work. I thought other interns may at some point or other come across this little issue as well. It’s not a biggie.

My question is: May I purchase some Flexi-class credits as a one-off? I need some one-on-one classes to help prepare for three Chinese exams at the end of May — only a couple of weeks away. My exams happen in the week before I put in my timesheet, and currently I don’t have enough credits to purchase any one-on-one classes. I have quite a lot of work doing English proofreading in the Mandarin course this weekend to pay for the one-on-one classes, but then I don’t like to ask Rosie for credits in advance. Moreover, she explained with my first irregular timesheet that she is very busy and will only do the timesheet once per month.

So I hope you will consider my request. How would I pay for them? This could be a precedent for other interns who might need a top-up occasionally if they’re binging on classes.

I’d also like to say, this afternoon I had a one-on-one class with Robert Cai, who reviewed my mistakes from a past quiz and trial written exam. He’s fantastic. What a gobsmackingly fast reader! I think he read a couple of paragraphs in like two seconds! Mindblowingly fast. You have to test him out :wink: I’ve had his help in an HSK 2 lesson several weeks ago, and enjoyed that too. Today, we got through a lot of material, and Robert’s explanations were effective and clear… He’s also friendly, patient and fun.

Thanks in advance for you help,

凯莉 蔡漫评

Hi Kelly, thanks for your question and you are more than welcome to write this in the forum, that’s what we are here for!

If I understand correctly you want to buy a set of Flexi Classes as a one off purchase.

You can indeed do this:

Go to and on the homepage you’ll see a table about half way down that looks like this (it’s a new inclusion over the last week we’ve been working on):

Using the group packages tab you can purchase a set of classes which will be added to your account.

Thanks for your reply, @Max. But is buying such a big amount of classes a good idea in my circumstances? I’m working up to 10 hours a week earning up to 10 Flexiclass credits a week, over the next 11 months, which expire by the end of the 12 month period. I think even if I work half that amount, it will still be hard for me to have 220 classes in 330 days, while I’m also studying Chinese at university doing 10-15 hours study a week.

Do you have any other suggestions?

If not, I will have to make do with a “one-on-one” the day before the first exam, or else, since that’s a bit “all eggs in one basket”, then if I’m lucky enough to be the only person in my next two group classes, to ask the tutors if they don’t mind helping me with my exam-related questions and practising the compulsory grammar points and sentence structures. Then I will rebook those classes and do them properly after my exams.

In the absence of any other payment suggestions, I guess that will have to be enough.


You are in a very special situation as you work as a free lancer for us and get Flexi Credits for it. This does not apply to most students whom the system was built for, so its a bit of a special situation.

It is possible to buy credits individually, however you need an active subscription to be able to do so.
However, there is a work around. Just sign up for the smallest subscription in the system (4 credits). You will immediately receive 4 credits which you can use to book the classes you need. Then cancel the subscription straight away. You will never be charged again and continue to have unlimited access to the credits and Flexi Classes system as you did previously.
As an additional bonus that 4 credits subscription lasts for a whole month. During that month nothing will happen and be different to you not having a subscription, EXCEPT that you can now also buy further credits individually during that month. At the end of the month the subscription will expire and as you cancelled, nothing will happen (you will not be charged and receive no new credits), just you wont be able to buy individual credits until you sign up maybe again later for a subscription again.