[NEW] Vietnamese A2 now available

Xin chào, we’re excited to announce that the new level Vietnamese A2 is up on our system! We already have the level A2+ published, but the new A2 here would be a great bridge to our current curriculum. Don’t just take my word for it. Check out some teaser of our team’s works :wink:

VN A2 T117 Vietnamese Noodles.pdf (695.3 KB)
VN A2 T102 Let’s Catch Up, Never.pdf (925.1 KB)

We glad that people take an interest in our Vietnamese classes. The next level is in the making, so be prepared for that :wink::+1:

Got any Feedback? Tell us here | https://forms.gle/fci9MmRvqkKXG96r5

Have fun learning everyone!


Btw, join our Discord for more fun exchange. I would be very nerdy about questions about Vietnamese :wink:

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Big hint, we are cooking Spanish in the material team rn! Are you excited, coz i do!
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I’ve been waiting for it forever. This is great news! Thank you!

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Fantastic news! :clap:

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Great choice I think!!

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I hope that you will find the wait is worth while with these new lessons and topics. I’m also very excited to have them out! It’s a bridge level between VN A1+ and the now A2+, but we still want to make it challenging and exciting in the topics that we choose to make too. There’re definitely new aspects that we want to include and experiment with this level. As a part of the creating team, I’m very proud in the sense of modern and insightful and inclusive that we have infused in the topics, exercises, examples, and what not. I hope that i can make you feel that too.

Please share with us on this thread which lessons you enjoy from this level. It’d mean a lot to our team ^^

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I love the title of this lesson “Let’s Catch Up… Never” :laughing:

Also the one in chapter 3 “Bargaining Skills” sounds very useful!