New Time Slots for Intensive Classes - HSK 2

Please pretty please can there be more intensive classes options available. I would be taking more classes than I am now but I can’t seem to find the right time to fit with my schedule. I would love a time that’s 7am - 9am EST and 7-9pm EST intensive. Honestly, if it existed, I would take both classes in tandem. :smile: Fingers crossed!


Thanks a lot for asking this. Its great to get student feedback on this and we will definitely take it into account for planning in the future.

At the moment intensive courses are only offered during the day time. However because intensive courses are offered during European and Asian day time too, some of them are then evening or morning in New York.
I just checked, there is for example this 840 course 8-10am HSK 1 course that started on the 19th of July. Not exactly the 7-9am you asked for, but maybe one hour is ok? For evening 875 is 22:00 - 00:00 New York (EST) time.
Also, when booking a class, often the class right after it is a class for the next topic. Have a look, you can quite often book blocks of two classes right next to each other for topics that follow each other.

Hi Baeli,
I’m planning to do an “intensive week” myself, 3 or 4 lessons per day. Well, I have holidays, and I will be able to choose any time slots. And I will want to have time between the lessons to work over or prepare.
I will book early in advance to have more choices, and there is no need to follow the order of the lessons. Of course I try to do earlier chapters first - but honestly there are many other things that make a lesson challenging or not. If one is alone in a lesson, as usually, it is you and the teacher who shape the lesson.
So, maybe you never thought about booking single classes yourself instead of a course, and maybe you thought you need to follow the order? (I do everything between HSK1 chapter 2 to everything in HSK2). You even could do a lesson a second time with another teacher and see what happens if you try out everything you have learned the first time…

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Ooops. I forgot to put that I’m HSK 2 in post.

Hi there! Actually, I’m onto HSK 2 and the schedule seems to be different there.

Just as a suggestion since I’ve taken two intensive courses (two hours of class per day 5x a week) already, I would recommend that you enroll in one intensive course at a time and use your extra time to retake classes that you’ve already taken.

So if you enroll in an intensive HSK2 course that meets five times a week from 8 am - 10 am, you could then use your time in the evening to book HSK1 classes and HSK2 classes that you’ve already taken. You don’t have to take them in sequential order since they’re below your current level, so you can just book whatever is available during your desired time slots. This will help you review the material you’ve already learned and you can spend more class time discussing synonyms, antonyms, related words etc. I used to be hesitant to retake classes, but the truth is that new stuff comes up every class so you’ll always learn lots of new things.

Just my 2 cents.


Good thinking! Yeah, I agree with review, review, and then review some more.


That makes a lot of sense and thanks a lot for sharing this. One of the ways we hope this forum is useful for everyone is getting everyone to share their studying / class booking strategies (I discovered people do it quite differently) to see what other people are doing and then maybe take some of the best ideas for oneself.
These are some super useful experiences. 很感谢


How did you organise your classes? Did you find a good way to book?


Hi Andreas,
Right now I am taking HSK 2 - 10 am - 12:00 pm EST. Which has been really good just a bit of an inconvenient time. And sometimes, I supplement HSK 1 or 2 classes in the evening after 5 if available. But sometimes evening classes are not available or they’re in a level that might be too low for me or on a lesson I’ve studied a few times.

I’ve realized that in order to learn Mandarin I am going to need to speak, speak, and then speak more.
If it were available, I would study 4 hours a day. I love this program. :blush: