[NEW] Russian B1 now available

Привет, we’re excited to announce that the new level Russian B1 is up on our system! Here’s a bit of a teaser for the new level :wink::+1:

RU B1 T248 Social Etiquette 13 06 23.pdf (939.8 KB)
RU B1 T247 The Great Outdoors_ 13 06 23.pdf (941.6 KB)

We are glad that people take an interest in our Russian classes. We also published the audio for Russian Intro, A1, A1+ and A2 level. Coming up next is audio A2+, so please stay tune.

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Have fun learning everyone!

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Share with us which topics you are most intrigue to know in the new level B1 :wink:

Would it be too early to even think about Russian B1+ level? :thinking: Probably not.
Let us know which other topics you think would be so cool to publish in the next level B1+!!

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Nice Holly!

I like the “A little bird told me” title :star_struck:


That is so fascinate to know, Max. Thank you for sharing! Do you know that title could’ve almost been something else? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: The behind-the-scene for creating this lesson was funny. See if that would translate to the actual lesson :wink:

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Ahah I need to be in Vietnam for the next behind the scenes topic discussion!