[NEW LANGUAGE] Spanish has arrived on Flexi!

:rocket: ¡Hola Compañeros de Idiomas! Exciting News: We are publishing Spanish on Flexi! :star2:

Hey language enthusiasts!

We are so excited to announce that the 11th language on Flexi has finally arrived, with Spanish level Introduction and A1 course just hit the shelf! :tada:

There has been an exciting journey behind-the-scene and buzz behind-the-curtain. I hope all the Spanish enthusiasts will enjoy our new course. Don’t forget to share your comment, feedback and language journey with us in this Forum!

Hold on Tight – More Exciting News! We’re not stopping at A1, of course; Spanish Level A1+ is on the horizon!

And There’s More! For those dreaming of croissants and romance, our first beginner level of French is halfway in the making. Stay tuned!

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Let’s goooo!

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The hype for Spanish is real. I’m so excited!!

Spanish was expected by so many students :heart_eyes: such great news!

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yeah yeah yeah!!!

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