[NEW] Korean B1+ now available

Annyeong haseyo, we’re excited to announce that the new level Korean B1+ is up on our system! The new level is a good bridge between level B1 and level B2 that we are currently having right now, for those who wish to climb a less steep ladder.

That’s not all the thrills of this new level. We introduced a new Free Speaking format to the Korean lesson plan. The new format introduces video and pictures material for your speaking/debating AND listening skills practice. It’s the new experiment of our team that I am very excited for you to try out. Check out some teaser of our team’s works :wink:

Korean B1+ T260 Free Speaking Hangul Day 2023 12 18.pdf (881.0 KB)
Korean B1+ T278 It’s a Bittersweet Memory.pdf (983.8 KB)
Korean B1+ T280 Free Speaking Hallyu Wave 2023 12 20.pdf (915.2 KB)

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Have fun learning everyone!

Which topic here sounds interesting to you? :thinking:

Love to see it. I’ve been watching a lot of Korean TV recently… hoping to take some lessons this year for fun :slight_smile:

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@Max you should watch The Devil’s Plan if you haven’t already, @Hannah-Mandarin-HSK_5 and I absolutely loved it! Contestants compete over strategy games, puzzles, cards games and even poker


Ah funny you mention that, we just finished it!!

So fun wasn’t it but my word the games were so complex. The contestants were super smart. Agree though - superb watching and already awaiting Season 2 :smiley:


Nice!! I would absolutely love it if a season 2 is in the works :heart_eyes:

Such a top show to pick up Korean!!

Maybe not the game rules (those were complicated even in English :joy: ) but the interactions between the players and seeing the phrases they use to encourage each other was nice. Also lots of references to honorifics in the show, made me realise just how culturally important they are!

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I also felt this in Single’s Inferno. Age is so important in Korea with how you address someone. Seems to mean more than it would in the west.

Did you all see that story about everyone in South Korea having their age put back a year (jackpot or what!!)


Does that mean I can be 29 a little bit longer? :joy:

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