[NEW] Italian B1+ is now available!

Ciao! we’re excited to announce that the new level Italian B1+ is up on our system! For the 7th level in Flexi Russian curriculum, our team introduces many interesting and in-depth topic from jobs, scams, addictions, to true crime novels. You will sure have chances to give hot takes in these classes.

That’s not all the thrills of this new level. We introduced the new lesson type Free Speaking to the Italian lesson plan. The new lesson type aims to provide you the chance to practice speaking more freely and intuitively in class, while introducing video for your listening skills practice. It’s the new experiment of our team that I am very excited for you to try out.
Besides, we updated a brand new template interface! Check out some teaser of our team’s works :partying_face:
IT B1+ T253 Conspiracy Theories 2024 03 22.pdf (708.0 KB)
IT B1+ T258 Italy’s Unification 2024 03 25.pdf (626.0 KB)
IT B1+ T264 Italian Dialects 24 03 2024.pdf (580.9 KB)
IT B1+ T271 Culture Shock 09 04 2024.pdf (440.2 KB)

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