[NEW] Italian A2 now available

Ciao, we’re excited to announce that the new level Italian A2 is up on our system! Here’s a bit of a teaser for the new level :wink::+1:

IT A2 T109 One For All, All For One 2023 03 13 .pdf (468.6 KB)
IT A2 T148 Sooner or Later I Would Like To Visit Italy 2023 04 23.pdf (329.0 KB)

We are glad that people take an interest in our Italian classes. We also published the audio for Italian Intro, A1, and A1+ level. Coming up next is audio A2 and Italian A2+ level, so please stay tune

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Have fun learning everyone!


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Share with us which topic pique your interest in the new level? :wink:

@Max i’m excited to know your take :sunglasses:

Nice, I’ll be onto these.

Mandarin for me right now, but 2nd half of July I take some of these :slight_smile:

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