New HSK 7 - 9 exam are actually starting

The mysterious new HSK 7-9 level (the SUPER exams) that everyone has been talking about for two years, but nobody ever actually saw, are supposed to be starting on the 26th of November. Apparently there is a mock exam too a few weeks beforehand to try it out.

Can sign up on the link below. Anyone going to give it a try? If yes, let us know!

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We updated our article to give a full rundown on everything we know so far.

Some key facts:

  • The first HSK 7-9 exam will be held on November 26th 2022
  • This exam is in the form of a home exam, which is divided into five parts: listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation.
  • The exam is divided into two sessions in the morning and afternoon, with a 10 minute rest in the morning.

FOR STUDENTS IN CHINA | You can visit this link to register for the new HSK exam.

FOR STUDENTS OUTSIDE OF CHINA | Overseas students need to contact their local test centre to register and pay offline. At present, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and South Africa can take the new HSK exam. Cross border registration is not allowed.

For more details check out our updated article. Hope it’s useful :slight_smile: )


Did the content of HSKK change as well? The FAQ doesn’t really answer that, other than saying it is now mandatory.

Also, is there a list of source languages for the translation/interpreting exam? I’m wondering if speakers of minority languages will be disadvantaged.

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We don’t know @Ben-Mandarin-HSK_5 - we just publish what we see from the HSK and Hanban which is typically opaque.

I’d imagine there will be changes if I’m guessing but don’t quote me on that.

Soon as we know, we’ll inform :slight_smile:


Will there be HSK 7-9 flexiclasses too?


We are currently working on HSK 6 Flexi Classes and will continue from there.
What’s your current level? HSK 7-9 are going to be very high