Names, cartoon heads instead of letters

It may sound very trivial, but I really don’t like the A and B for dialogues. It just makes things unnecessarily confusing.

Whenever the teacher asks questions based on the dialogues, such as whether it’s A or B who wants to go to the restaurant etc. I’m sure to get it wrong. A & B belong to the world of Maths!
It’s for equations. It’s hard enough to keep track of what the Hanzi is saying, I can’t link it to a letter.

Why can’t we have Michelle and Yu? Even better, cartoon heads AND their names. Real names. I’ve never seen a language text book that had irrelevant symbols instead of people. Starting all the way from my childhood’s English textbooks. “John and Betty go to the funfair”, not A & B eat an ice cream. I’ve never seen an A eat an ice cream or take a train.

Please change the dialogues and make them between people. Thank you!

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Hi Pascale, thanks for your feedback on the naming of our dialogues. We really appreciate your thoughts and take all feedback seriously.

Your idea of using real names or cartoon characters instead of A & B is a good one. We’re always looking for ways to make our materials more fun and effective, and your suggestion will definitely be considered for future updates.

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cool! thank you!