'Nailed it!' in Mandarin

Hi guys! I read online somewhere that to say ‘nailed it!’ (i.e. done something really well), in Mandarin Chinese you can say ‘我成功了!’ is this common in daily speech, or is there another more common/colloquial way of saying this? Especially in Taipei. Thanks in advance :smiley:

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Welcome to the forum and thanks so much for asking.

There are many ways to express success of course

In Beijing 成功了 works, though I wouldn’t say 我成功了 because that means I am a success whereas I probably want to say that something was successfully done like 这个项目成功了。

Usually in every day speach personally I would use the verb+到了 construct.

I have been to Taibei many times, but Beijing Mandarin isore natural to me. Anyone from Taibei has a suggestion what you say there?

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