My Photo Diary from Five Days Speaking Only Chinese on Mandarin Retreat Summer Camp

In this guest post, blogger and Mandarin Retreat volunteer Lingo Geek publishes his photo diary from five days spent speaking only Chinese on a recent summer camp: My Photo Diary from Five Days Speaking Only Chinese on Mandarin Retreat Summer Camp – I'm Learning Mandarin

The next Mandarin Retreat will take place in Scarborough in November. For more info visit

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I attended a retreat in June really enjoyed it and got me thinking in Chinese. Also have to say the food was amazing too! I flew in from Ireland, I would highly recommend and hope to attend in the future if I cannot get to China…

Ooo so cool Susan. I went to the one in April so just missed you.

Did you go to Yorkshire in the farm house?

Amazing you flew over too, glad you enjoyed it. I also had a lot of fun :slight_smile:

yes my friend (we met and a language exchange) and I went to the farm house in Yorkshire, we were so luck the weather was really good to.

Thanks for your comment Susan, really glad you enjoyed the retreat :slight_smile: Hope to see you at another one soon! Mischa

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Will LTL or does LTL have any plan to conduct a camp / retreat for adult students in China? I have seen many of these types of activities catered towards children and teenagers but there is almost none for adults.

Most of us are working full time and it’s not practical to take 3 - 6 months leave to attend a language course overseas. But I can feel that many people here are super enthusiastic in improving their fluency of the target language and immersion is one of the best ways to gain language fluency effectively.

I will definitely be very interested to join any sort of short camps or activities (1-4 weeks). Not only we get to see the scenic spots, taste the local cuisines, experience the local culture, but also improve our listening and speaking skills in a real life situation. I think that would be a very rewarding experience and a new way of “travelling” :slight_smile:

Hi Charlene, we have offered something like this before actually.

This is our Chinese Crash Course - Chinese Crash Course || Learn Chinese The Fun Way

The target audience is someone like yourself, someone working full time but wanting a short term course out and about on the streets of China.

We do offer personal, tailored solutions so if you drop us an email to [email protected] - I’m sure we can put something together for you if you let us know in detail your schedule, budget and goals for the course :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

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Thanks Max! I’ll check it out :blush:

It would be so much fun if there are a number of students going together to participate. At the end of the program, everyone will be able to see how much they have improved.

I’m sure if you guys have this type of event planned, I will hear about the campaign.

Will there ever be a Mandarin Retreat in California?


@Mischa_Wilmers time to expand to the US Mischa! :laughing:

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Eventually we’d love to expand worldwide! Watch this space :slight_smile: