My 1st Korean Class - Won't be the last!

Had my first class in Korean today, just wanted to share!

Beautiful language and a genuinely very readable alphabet. My teacher Mr Lee, said after 30 minutes I’ll have you reading Korean and I took it with a pinch of salt. He was right!

It’s super motivating and a very different experience to Chinese where the “alphabet” takes years of growth.

Long way to go, but a really fun start! @Marine you were right, it’s an easier alphabet than Japanese also!!


Yes, the alphabet is so unexpectedly nice and easy. Additionally try out Duolingo’s Korean. It has a really nice extra! feature for training the letters.


Wow…now I almost want to learn Korean too. Got to get Vietnamese under control first. Watched a Korean movie yesterday and I have to say the alphabet looks beautiful.
I found the LTL Korean Instagram posts very motivating with so many fruits sounding the same in Korean as English :smiley:


It’s a language on my list too, together with Japanese. But one Asian language at a time!


I had my first Korean class during lunch break, I am so happy to study it again!
I learned the alphabet on my own several years ago but of course could not practice the pronunciation, I need to practice lots to “unlearn” my bad pronunciation but that’s ok I’ll enjoy the process :relaxed:


Love that Marine. I am 3 down now, with 2 more booked in for Friday. Hoping to nail Hangul by the end of the week!

The pronunciation is so so important with Korean I have discovered. The romanization is really not accurate at all as there are so many new sounds. Like the G is really a K and there are 10+ vowels!