Missing lessons 101-150 in the Vietnamese language

I was curious to be looking ahead to the upcoming Vietnamese lessons, and there seem to be missing lessons 101 - 150.

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Hi Noah, thank you for the post. As you can see Topic 101-150 missing, those are A2 level. We are working on A2 level at the moment. Thank you for posting here, as it definitely moves the task completing A2 level forward. I will make an announcement when it’s going to finish :grinning:

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Thanks for the update. I’m looking forward to it in March.

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I’ll be done with lesson 100 next week but it looks like lessons 101-150 are not going to be here any time soon. I wanted to take a break but I have 16 credits left to be expired at the end of May.

Hi Noah, for the 16 credits as you are waiting for the new level, I do appreciate that. I will be happy to extend the validity for you longer so that you will have time to attend the new level once it is launched :smiley:

Hi AmeNguyen, it’s been three months but I haven’t seen lessons 101-150 and my credits are expiring on the 28th of this month. Would you please extend them according to your previous reply above? Thanks!

@Ha_Nguyen you might be able to help Noah?

Not sure if I should let the credits expire and hopefully they’ll credit me back (fingers crossed) or book the next level from 151-200. @AmeNguyen @Ha_Nguyen @Andreas_Admin_Flexi

So, no one from LTL has responded and my 16 credits expired. I’m gonna wait a few more days before writing a formal complaint. @Max @Marine

Hi Noah, accept our apologies here.

The best way to contact our Flexi team and get the quickest reply is with the email [email protected] - the support team receive these, and reply daily.

The forum isn’t manned quite as frequently as the Inbox.

FYI also, Ame is no longer with LTL. Your main point of contact will be Ha.

We’ll get you sorted soon, and sorry for the delay.


Hello Noah, I’m sorry for the late response.
Welcome back after the break. I have just extended the validity until June 28 for you to resume booking Vietnamese classes again. @Noah-Vietnamese-VN_A2