Mid-2023 || Language Goals in 2023

By the end of 2023, my target is to finish HSK 3
I’ve tried to learn Mandarin for 3 times, all times stuck with learning the character.

What’s your goal this year?

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Are you just going to finish all of the LTL classes for HSK 3 or are you actually going to take the exam @AmeNguyen ? Either way 加油!

Finishing HSK 3 is going to be so much harder than it was a year ago! For example, HSK 3 now requires 2,245 words instead of 600. AFAIK, the LTL curriculum has not been updated to reflect that.

My goal is to start studying HSK 6 (hopefully with the soon-to-be-released LTL HSK 6 and 6+ classes :wink: ).

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My goal by the end of the year is to complete every lesson of Vietnamese on LTL. Just completed 70 lessons in 2.5 months.



I’ve got 2 left for A1 Japanese, if I can complete B1 by the end of the year, I’ll very happy.


Likewise, HSK 6 is the goal for me! Hopefully we get the next set of classes :smiley:


2023 language goals! I’m only thinking up to June at the moment, after which I will reassess.

Spanish - complete 100 hours of class by June
Korean - complete a full course on LTL
Vietnamese - maintenance at least 1 class per week on LTL
French - maintenance, review vocab, practice with partner, read books in French

I would also like to get good at using Anki! LTL has a great article about it, thank you! :slight_smile:


Thanks Crystal. It’s a favourite tool of a few of the team, not least @Alexander-Mandarin-HSK_6_1on1 who is our language wizard!

Find a Vietnamese language test and set myself a goal for passing a level in it. There is no proper generally accepted Vietnamese language test around, which is outrageous, so I just will look for one and then take that one (all suggestions most welcome).

Mandarin: goal is to really learn the LTL lessons to HSK 4+. I’ve taken the classes, but now really need to learn them well.
Italian: Get to intermediate.

We’re already 6 months in 2023, have you made any progress with your language goals? :eyes:

Well, I have spent 2 weeks in Taipei and I definitely feel more confident, so I’m happy with that!

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