Maximum Flexi Class Size Reduced to 5 students per class

We just reduced the maximum number of students per class from six to five, because we feel that a class with six students does not allow enough time for each student to participate and practice during the class.

There are still some old classes in the system that allow six studens, however they will all disappear over the next few weeks.

Having said that, this is more for the future and will not have much of an influence on most of our classes at the moment as it is extremely rare that a class has its maximum number of participants (hasn’t happened for quite a while).
Our average class size currently is 1.4 students per group class. So that means that most group classes only have one student in them and you get effectively a 1on1 class for the price of a group class.
Some classes have two students in them, in rare cases there are three and in VERY rare cases there are four or five students per class.

With this new change we will make sure that it will never be more than that.


All group classes now are a MAXIMUM of 5 students. There are no more group classes that allow 6 participants.
Having said that, our average group class size at the moment is 1.6 students per class, so there is almost never a group class with 4 or 5 students, and the majority of group classes has two or only one student in them.
Prices of course still are the same even if you are the only student in the group class, so they are quite an amazing deal at the moment. :leo_smiles:

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