LTL to recommend/support ANKI decks?

Hi there,

In general:
would you recommend anki?

I recently re-discovered anki.
It allows you to

  • learn using Spaced Repetition System (make sure the vocabs make it from short-term memory into long-term memory)
  • import other users decks
  • learn or update your deck in windows
  • learn or update your deck on smartphone
  • sync between devices (using free ankiweb account)
  • add audio to your vocabulary if you like
  • add images if you like

Since flexiclasses offer an audiofile, i downloaded and enhanced it (compressor and denoise using audacity)
then extracted soe vocabularies and imported them into my personal anki deck.

Since this takes a while and depends on the classes i participated, this will not be the optimal way.

My suggestion would be:

  • could LTL provide theese decks on a per-lesson or per-course base?
    and if not,
  • if the community is interested, would you be okay if we built and shared the audio/anki files?

While the audio may be intellectual property of LTL, sharing may even work as free commercial.

Some of you may know Duolingo, which uses gamification to keep people learning, but lack actual progress in learning the language.

So I wonder if that also applies to Anki, which is like the grandfather of most flashcard apps. (and surely inspired duolingo too)

Anki is a very good flashcard app, and I use it a lot!

LTL has provided some Anki decks for studying various languages, available here. But there doesn’t seem to be any connection to Flexi Classes lessons as far as I can tell, at least not for Vietnamese.

I believe Anki is probably the most highly regarded flashcard/SRS app out there.

One of our staff members @Alexander-Mandarin-HSK_6_1on1 swears by it and I believe attributes lots of his progress with language to Anki and sentence mining.

I’ve never been a fan simply because of the “Windows 95” style user interface. I struggle to engage with it.

Brett - thanks for sharing the link too our decks there. You are correct, there is no correlation to Flexi Classes. These are decks created by the team to help learners, to help all students :slight_smile:

You can find more info about our Anki Decks here - Anki Decks (FREE Downloads) | Mandarin, Japanese, Korean +